Society for Anonymous Nice and Thoughtful Acts

Image by LuAnn Hunt

About Us

Created so parents never have to feel like they're lying about Santa.

    We created SANTA to make Christmas special again. We have all felt the holidays come and go and nothing felt special about it. We all have seen people that feel worse during the holiday season when they should feel magic and love. Suicide rates go up and loneliness is rampant. Children find out Santa Clause isn't what they thought. They are completely devastated and lose faith in their loved ones.

     When my son was younger, he was one of the millions that believed in Santa Clause. I knew that one day other children would tell him that Santa wasn't real. I had to help him understand that Santa was very real but not as the magic man in a suit. When the day came, I told him that Santa was all of us. When we purposefully do good things for people, without the need for recognition or praise, then we become the magic of Christmas. I explained that we get to be Santa and do good for others, but we need to be quiet about it. We decided to get some candy canes and Christmas cards to leave a Thank You note for people who had taken the time and effort to hang up decorations. My son was so excited! He was the one that used the phrase "We are like Good Deed Christmas Ninjas." Thus, our new Christmas tradition was born! 

    Only a year passed and we were at a Christmas party with my friends and family. I overheard my cousin's little girl telling an entire group of children, "Santa's not real, my mom and dad told me". I asked him about it and he explained that, in an effort to remain honest and truthful with his daughters, he told his kids that Santa wasn't real. I decided right then that I needed to include everyone in our new Christmas tradition. I officially invented SANTA so parents never have to feel like they are lying about Santa again. We invited his family. They joined without hesitation and SANTA was magical for his girls. I made this to share the magic that we have found and it has drastically changed Christmas for my entire family. I hope your family can feel the magic this holiday season. SANTA is real!